Shoija was originally created to maintain growing dreadlocks. Store-bought products, like beeswax and locking gels, contain alcohol and petroleum and caused locked dreads to break. Shoija had the opposite effect and quickly made its way into other barber shops and beauty salons. People also reported that it worked on chapped hands, lips, and feet, and soothed razor bumps, and skin conditions like eczema. It took 10 years for Shoija to become what it is today. Now, there are four remarkable products that address common hair and skin problems and help customers feel more confident day after day!

The Shoija Difference

What makes Shoija Naturals a success....the ingredients! Studies show that the natural oils in our products were created to repair and restore the body. When these products are massaged into the skin, whether on the scalp, lips, hands etc., they go into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, Shoija Naturals products do more than just affect hair and skin. Together, these ingredients infuse the body with natural rejuvenating results!

Shoija Naturals products are made with the following ingredients:

Biotin - stimulates hair and nail growth

Pure Lanolin - protects and hydrates skin

Pure Shea Butter - soothes skin conditions

Pure Cocoa Butter - battles scars and scratches

Beeswax Beads - conditions and releases antioxidant

Tea Tree Oil - guards against fungus of the scalp

Apricot Oil - releases vitamins A, C, E

Almond Oil - increases skin hydration

Grapeseed Oil - protects from minor abrasions

Jojoba Oil - clears blockages in follicles

Avocado Oil - contains proteins and vitamins

Coconut Oil - moisturizes hair, skin and scalp

Peppermint Oil - nourishes dull skin

Spearmint Oil - soothes muscle strains and pain

Frankincense Oil - promotes cell regeneration

Myrrh Oil - helps chapped and cracked skin

Orange Oil - contains anti-aging properties

Cedarwood Oil - aids in sebum production

White Thyme Oil - aids in slowing balding

Clove Oil - improves circulation

Sandalwood Oil - helps dry, chapped skin

Lavendar Oil - promotes hair growth